Nelson Mendes has been my Personal Trainer for over five years.  I began training with Nelson in a commercial gym, later we transitioned to a private gym and finally LiveFIT Studio.  Training at Nelson’s private studio provides multiple opportunities for scheduling flexibility as well as workout flexibility.

I began training with Nelson as a result of being diagnosed as a Type II diabetic with attendant high blood pressure and high cholesterol.  Since I’ve been training with Nelson for three years, I have lost over 40 lbs.; my diabetes is in check without medication through diet and exercise; my blood pressure is low normal without medication; and my cholesterol has dropped over a hundred points with my medication cut in half.   I have gained muscle, stamina, agility and endurance from training with Nelson.  I eat better, sleep better, and feel better.  Thank you Nelson!

– Michael

I have been attending Nelson’s High Intensity Circuit Training (HICT) classes for almost two years now. Since that time I have lost 35 lbs. and am wearing clothes 3-4 sizes smaller. Nelson has been able to keep me engaged and motivated in a way that I have not been able to maintain since I started putting on the weight. He is unique in that he is personally invested in the success and health of his trainees, unlike most of the trainers I’ve dealt with who seem to care only about the dollars you provide. LiveFIT’s rates are reasonable, payment requirements extremely fair and flexible, and the new studio is a great place to work out. I highly recommend Nelson to anyone just starting out on their path to fitness, recently returning to a healthy lifestyle, seasoned veterans, and everyone in between.

– Tali

I’ve been going to LiveFIT for over 2 years now, and the circuit training and boot camp has helped me stay in shape for high school sports. The new facilities were a great change, with plenty of space and brand new equipment. Now that I’m going off to college, Nelson gave me my own personal workout to do to stay in shape (and keep off the Freshman 15!). I can’t wait to come home next summer and go back to classes.


Exercising with friends keeps me motivated.  Buddy Personal Training offers significant personal attention along with the fun of working out with friends.  With new equipment, plenty of space, and a clean studio and changing area LiveFIT is the perfect set up for buddy training.

– Brenda

Chance led me to Nelson and nine months later I had lost 27 lbs and between 4-5 inches of bulk from my hips, waist and chest.  Chance intervened again and led me to an accident in my own backyard where I tore the cartilage that held my leg inside my hip.  The next nine months I hobbled on crutches because of disabling pain.  After seeing three different doctors I was told I would need a new hip sometime soon.  One doctor was willing to try and fix what was left, but did not hold out high hopes. The other doctors wanted to replace my hip right away. Only Nelson had the confidence I could recover if I chose the surgeon who was willing to try and to some minor surgery first. 

Nelson and I spent the next 9 months rehabilitating my hip and leg through a slow but steady progression of strength building exercises.  Today, I am nearly back to where I was before the accident.  I can walk, and run, and jump without pain. I have been blessed to have worked with a trainer who believed in me and my possibilities when I couldn’t do that for myself.  What more could one ask for in a personal trainer?

– Susan

When I started working with Nelson Mendes about four years ago, I suffered from weakness in the upper body.  I had worked with other trainers before, but none of these had addressed the slow deterioration in my upper body.  Nelson recognized this problem immediately and since then we’ve worked on it with excellent results.  Since I started a program with him, my overall fitness level has increased tremendously.  I can only say that I recommend him warmly to anybody who wants to feel better. The new LiveFIT Studio he built is perfect anyone interested in personal training.

– Hetty

LiveFIT is the best equipped and best-operated place I have ever worked out, and Nelson Mendes is by far the most gifted Personal Trainer I’ve ever known. For the past three and half years, I have worked out with him three times a week and attended his cardio-blast boot camp once a week. He makes every session fun and challenging, whether it’s personal training or group exercise. I wouldn’t work out with anyone else or anywhere else!

– Cindy

I have been training with Nelson since February 2009 and have become familiar with a number of his characteristics which have made my training experience beneficial and rewarding.  Nelson demonstrates a thorough knowledge of human muscular/skeletal structure, cardio vascular systems, nutrition, and techniques of strength. With 20+ years in the field, he provides a sound foundation for the service that he provides his clients. More importantly, Nelson genuinely enjoys working with his clients and understands and appreciates their individual goals, needs, and personalities. Nelson displays regular expressions of interest, concern, and encouragement with customized conversational style and topics.  He knows how to push his clients’ exercise to just shy of failure, but not beyond.  Nelson has high standards of quality which I have observed in his stated requirements for trainer associates, as well as in the top of the line equipment which he purchased for his LiveFIT gym.   I have been training with Nelson at his new gym for about a year, and that facility has materially enhanced my enjoyment of the workouts.

– Bob

I’ve been working with Nelson for over four years and known him for six. I have to say his dedication to what his clients want is unparalleled to any other trainer I’ve known. Most trainers tell their clients what to do, rather Nelson listens to his and maps out a plan to accommodate their needs. Working out in a private studio is also nice because you’re never competing with other gym members or trainers for machines or space.

– Bryan

If you are thinking about training with a professional, Nelson is for you!  We have been training together for just under three years and I am thrilled with the results.  Nelson approaches training like a science.  He’s very knowledgeable and experienced and he applies that to a unique plan geared just for you.  Plus, he will give you really useful information about nutrition and lifestyle changes which, if you follow it, will produce life-enhancing changes in your body and overall well-being.  I’ve worked with personal trainers before but have been the happiest and I’m seeing the results I’ve been looking for with Nelson.  Plus, he’s really personable.  He cares about his clients and wants us all to live well.  I look forward to every session with him because, although it’s hard work, it’s also fun and motivating.  I feel great afterwards!  In addition to personal training, he offers high-intensity training through circuit classes.  I go to a weekly class and each one is more challenging than the week before.  He mixes up the routine so it’s always interesting.  And, the studio is great!  It’s well-planned for maximum flexibility and variety.  Up to now I’d always favored big gyms but LiveFIT Studio has spoiled me.

– Marla

When I first came to Nelson I was as skinny as a twig. Two years later I have gained 20lbs of lean muscle and feel great. The new studio is awesome! Nelson offers a great environment with a friendly voice to get you through your workouts. I always look forward to training with Nelson when I’m home from college. Nelson is highly recommended.

– Matt

I’ve been working out with Chris off-and-on for more than three years now.  He’s been a terrific trainer, so when he told me that he was going to be moving over to a private gym, I had to see for myself.  LiveFIT is a fantastic environment in which to work out.  It’s just you and your trainer, and it’s perfect for one-on-one training.  I highly recommend Chris as a personal trainer, and LiveFIT Personal Training Studio.

– Joe

I have been working out with Nelson and two of my good friends for 4 years now.  This combination has been fantastic:  Nelson keeps us motivated by keying into our energy levels and keeping the workouts fresh and challenging by mixing things up every session.  Working with the three of us together really pushes us and motivates us to work out and gives Nelson even more options for drills and exercises.  I had planned to use a trainer for only about six months, but now I can’t think of a better way to train.  Thanks Nelson!!

– Louise

I love personal training at LiveFIT! I have been training with Chris for years, and he is wonderful! I have some long time injuries and he works with me on strengthening, stretching, and physical therapy exercises that help keep me fit. LiveFIT offers me individual attention in a clean, private, and personal environment.

– Pat

I love training at LiveFIT, because exercising is actually fun there—and not in the clichéd sense where someone has you “spice up your workout” by moving from the treadmill to the elliptical. Nelson knows how to motivate his clients, which makes workouts go by so much faster. That said, you’re not going to get out of an exercise you don’t want to do by complaining. Nelson cares about his clients and wants them to be happy with their bodies. As a result, he inspires you to be healthy and fit. Working out at LiveFIT makes me want to work hard—both in the gym and out—to be in awesome shape.

– Erica

I have been an athlete for most of my life and have struggled through tough seasons, injuries and plateaus. I was looking for something to spike my interest and keep me engaged after college and organized sports. Working out at LiveFIT has been a wonderful experience. I have worked with Nelson for over a year and can truly say that I feel stronger and I am living a healthier lifestyle. I enjoy not only getting a great workout in, but also seeing my LiveFIT friends. LiveFIT is not just a gym, it is a community. Nelson is well educated in the fitness world and works with many different levels of athletes and is able to keep them all focused. I highly recommend LiveFIT for any person looking to have fun and stay active!

– Tori

My wife was going to LiveFIT circuit training classes and getting into shape and she finally got me to go. I am really glad I did. It’s challenging and fun and best of all, I’m really seeing results. It’s so much different from normal gym classes. It takes you out of your comfort zone and pushes you to your limits. One thing I really like is that Nelson changes the circuit exercises for every class so it never gets boring. We look forward to the classes each week and have even gotten our 16 year old daughter involved to make it a family event.

– Mark

Nelson is an amazing trainer. I work out twice a week with two of my best friends and he promotes healthy competition while pushing us to do our best, even when we are ready to give up. He makes exercise challenging, yet fun, and I have been committed to our group workout for over four years. The “buddy workout” motivates me to make sure I always make it to a session, even after a long and tiring day. If I don’t show up to my training session, I have to answer to my friends and Nelson. Nelson is the best!

– Ann

I have been working out at LiveFIT for several years now. Nelson’s circuit training class is one of the hardest but most rewarding exercise classes I have ever taken. Nelson really challenges me to push beyond my mental limits. At the same time, he knows how to modify the workouts to cope with injuries. Nelson’s personal training sessions are tailored to my individual fitness level and needs, and he has provided me with several workouts to take on the road. LiveFIT studio is well equipped and maintained. The small classes often feel like personal training sessions. I highly recommend the LiveFIT Studio and Nelson Mendes.

– Michelle