Buddy Training

Buddy Personal Training is just like personal training except it’s done with a friend or two. It’s becoming very popular because it has many benefits including cost. The hourly rate is split between two or three people so it’s quite a bit less. In addition, working out with one or two people is highly motivating and a lot of fun. Many of the exercises are done interactively as a group which makes it more challenging and fun! Our Personal Trainers believe it is a very effective way for clients to stay on track with their workouts because each person motivates the other. Most buddy personal training clients get together during their off days and do some sort of exercising which is highly beneficial.

To get started please download and fill out our health questionnaire and bring it with you to your evaluation. Visit the online store view our buddy training packages and pricing.

If you have a friend or two that wants to get in shape with you, contact us for more details or you can request an appointment here.