Gourmet Pork Spinach Tomato Sandwich

Prep Time: 5 min. Cook Time: 5 min.


Kosher Salt
Crushed Red Pepper
1 ts. Minced Garlic
1 Ts. Extra Virgin Olive Oil
One Tomato
2 Kaiser Rolls
Extra Thinly Sliced Pork Cutlets

pork prep 1
Pork Prep 1

1. Add 1 Ts. tablespoon extra virgin olive oil, minced garlic, a pinch of salt, and a dash of crushed red pepper.

2. Cook at medium heat heat for 1 minute.

pork prep 2
Pork Prep 2

1. Add washed pork tenderloin to skillet, add a pinch of salt, and cover.

2. Cook for 2 minutes and flip tenderloins. Cook for 2 minutes.

3. Toast kaiser rolls in toaster.

4. Slice the tomato, place on toasted buns, and add a pinch of salt.

*Tip: Make 4 thin slices. Two for each sandwich.

spinach prep 1
Spinach Prep 1

1. Remove tenderloins from skillet and place on top of tomatoes.

2. Add hand full of spinach to skillet and cover.
*Tip: There is no need for more olive oil to wilt spinach.

3. Cook for 1 minute with cover on.

wilted spinach
Spinach Prep 2

1. Stir wilted spinach to incorporate left over garlic and oil.

assemble sandwich
Assemble Sandwich

1. Remove wilted spinach and place on top of tenderloin.

finished sandwich
Fast, Easy & Delicious!

Prep Time: 5 min.
Cook Time: 5 min.